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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1:18PM - sorry

((haven't been on lately..i'm sory))

well...last night there really was a racket going on...neighbors were stirring and having a party in their backyard...and to take a guess..the men were drunk-.-

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

8:28AM - SORRY!

((i couldnt go online for that one thrusday when i was supposedly supposed to go with Tohru-chan and Arisa...SORRRRRRRYYYYY!))

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

4:45PM - Planned out

It seems everything is planned out for hanging out with Arisa and Tohru. They will be coming over on Thrusday. ^_^can't wait.

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Dumplings is a request from Uo-chan. If so.Tohru may make a request as well.^_^

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Monday, August 1, 2005

3:52AM - Just things

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the face u see above is a boy i met today.he really is a chattery one. I despise his likeliness to speak too much and on top with that annoying attitude.he really is something you could say.

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i saw another little one today.her name is Kisa-san.as i just found out.She seemed still shy.but I didn't mind, so i gave her a smile.it was a wonderful smile that she gave back. hmn...children.

i never did see a smile for that sort of reason to say a friendly greeting./_\sigh.but we all mustn't live in the past.

i think i'll be catching up with uo and tohru soemtime.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Just went to Tohru-chan's house. But something seesm to be going on...everytime i go to her "house"....if you will...i feel very strange auras a-foot. But only when I'm around these...

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Monday, July 11, 2005

11:01AM - yesterday's supposedtobe ranting...

well...yesterday was a very strange day...as far as my stranger days go.but i did not notice anything.

PLACE:where Tohru-san is staying now.

It seems that she was not home.No matter...i was going to wait for her. but then i saw very ...like i said..."strange" things happening...it seems that i saw a little one. I've seen her before somewhere in my dreams.It seems desavu came to haunt me yesterday.I told this little one not to be afraid despite her frightened face. I told her that I am one of dearest Tohru-san's friends. And the sweet little one gave me a smile. I didn't catch this one's name. But it didn't matter. I shall take a guess that she'll say it when she is ready...then she ran off into a room!and closed the doors shut.i didnt want to open it...i hesitated. and i saw her hug a person that seemed to be the shadows of kyoukun, thru the paper doors.i opened it and expected Kyou to be there.But it seems it could just be my imagination...

then i sensed someone behind me!i felt someone's scalpol!like a doctor!and i fell...and felt like i hugged someone.

i woke up in a room...and there was a little girl.she was smiling at me sweetly..and was petting a cat.so i pet it too...but it all felt like a weird time.but i regained remembering to have been waiting for dearest tohru...but i'd guess she was not here.it seemed that the little girl was all alone...and was probably waiting for tohru-san too.so i petted this cat.then it ran off towards to what was the bathroom!and closed the door shut!which was peculiar...bcuz it couldnt have done that...so i decided to open the door..and when i did!there was KYOUKUN IN BARENESS!

uhhh!i can still remember the dreadful picture...uhhh...i wish megumi should curse him!but everytime he tries...it seems that it does not work...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

11:11AM - memories*~

I am somehow thinking of my past,...and the burden I must carry. The memory of a scene I may neevr forget...:(

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